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Kim Payton


Kim Payton, Ph.D. is board certified as an organizational psychologist by the American Board of Professional Psychologists and the first industrial organizational psychologist licensed in the State of Hawaii.  He has adapted modern organizational tools and practices to the richly diverse population in Hawaii and its culture which is imbued with deep respect for the land, and hospitality, and respect for people of other cultures.

With Hawaii as his laboratory, Kim has provided strategic planning, leadership development, culture change, and executive coaching consultation to a wide range of organizational clients in his practice over the last 30 years. This experience has enabled him to develop a deep understanding of effective ways of synergizing the skills and talents of widely diverse individuals in a common enterprise.

Kim brings a trained and objective perspective to understanding human and organizational dynamics, developing organizational change strategies, assessing leadership competencies, and counseling individuals and groups through the challenges that they must face.

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