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Successful Results

We’ve asked Kim to come in and see if he can help us understand the situation and find a solution so that we can capitalize on the strengths of different types of people. We use as a strategy the idea that we want to have people who look at the world differently because we are a relatively small company and we are going to be blind-sided if we don’t have different perspectives.


He seems to be able to deal with people who look at the world differently and get them to work together. The fact is, none of our visions are all encompassing and other people have perspectives that are equally true.  He’s also able to keep people engaged in a process.


He’s somebody I can bounce things off in confidence. Some things you can’t really talk about with other people, or with very many other people.  When we’ve used him, it’s been in very emotional, very difficult situations. He’s the person we’ve turned to when things are a real mess.  I appreciate the fact that he is someone we can trust. He’s always kept confidences.


Allen Uyeda

Former CEO

First Insurance Company of Hawaii

During the six years of our work towards transforming public education in Hawaii, Kim was a valuable partner.  He helped us design and implement our change strategy, coached our executives and build our leadership team.  We relied on his expertise to give us critical counsel and perspective to work through some of the most difficult conflicts and management performance issues.  If you have a challenging change agenda, talk with Kim.

Kathleen Mataytoshi,


Hawaii Department of Education

One of the most difficult problems you face as a senior executive is being surrounded by people who are afraid to tell you the truth. I was interested in knowing where the stresses were in my organization, even if the news was not flattering, even if I was the problem. He was not afraid to tell me. I valued that.


Gerry Czarnecki

Former Chairman and CEO

Honfed Bank


One of the things he did so well was to learn our business as if it were his business. I was impressed with the intense preparation he went through to gain a solid understanding of our organization and how it was designed. It allowed him to talk with real knowledge and suggest changes that made a real difference in how our organization functioned.

Paul Stanislaw
Vice President
American Express Financial
Los Angeles


Diversity is just as crucial to the strength of an organization as it is to the viability of an ecosystem. The challenge is, how do you harness that diversity so that it doesn't manifest in conflict and discord? Kim was able to get the very diverse talents and personalities of our organization to work cooperatively and effectively together.

Kelvin Taketa
Former Director
Asia-Pacific Region
The Nature Conservancy


He was a breath of fresh air for a troubled state hospital system that had received a lot of negative publicity. He was able to deal with the conflict within our organization and gain consensus. With his guidance, we were able to develop a long-term strategic plan that, for the first time in our history, takes us more than a year into the future.

Linda Schladermundt
Associate Administrator
Hawaii State Hospital


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